Nicholas Andrew Bull BSc (Hons)

For a more formal look at myself, please take a look at my CV.

I was born in Worcester, England in March of 1992 where I have spent most of my life so far. There I went through school and higher education, where I attended the Worcester College of Technology to study a BTEC National Diploma for IT Practitioners, Software and Games Development. It was here I got my first taste for programming in a variety of areas, standard software development to web development and even getting as chance to build a game in one of my modules called 'Facman' and enjoyed my time there greatly.

Once I graduated from the Worcester College of Technology , I left Worcester to go to Lincoln and attend the University of Lincoln to study a BSc (Hons) in Games Computing. Here I got to expand on my basic knowledge of programming and also specialise in programming in game from general programming in C# and C++, to graphics programming, computer vision and working with game engines like UDK and Unity. I also pushed myself to learn Android and about mobile development as part of my dissertation about "Building and Evaluating a Pervasive Game for Challenging Environments". Shortly after graduating, the thesis of the dissertation was published at the Advances in Computer Entertainment 2013 Annual Conference. As for the mobile application itself, it was renamed Shhh! and published on to Google Play for the world to see. The success of my application and paper being published was picked up by my local paper (Worcester Evening News) whom proceeded to write and publish an article about it. My time at university was amazing and enjoyed every moment of, socially and academically.

Shortly after graduating from university I started my first job as a assistant web developer for Bluebox based in Worcester. As a web developer I was responsible for working on the design, layout and code for a website. In my role I initially started out by updating content to current client websites and changing the layouts of almost ready to set live websites, to look like the creative set for them. As time went on I was put in charge of new clients websites and building them from scratch, working with the designer to bring the creative to life and also building the functionality of the website. While working for Bluebox I was able to enhance the skills I learnt while in education and also pick up new ones, such as using ASP.NET, SQL and jQuery.

After the short term contract ended I moved onto to take my first steps in the games industry and obtained a job Rockstar Lincoln to work as a Games Tester. As a Games Tester I complete assigned tasks within the allocated deadline to find and reproduce errors and problems in game. When an error is found I must complete an accurate and detailed report with subsequent revising of those errors and problems. I work closely with fellow testers to share ideas and suggestions, involving others in decision making, while participating in a close-knit and friendly environment.

One and a half years into my employement at Rockstar Lincoln, I was given the opportunity to move up the ranks and start working as a SharePoint Developer for the studio. In this role I would help build and develop the tools used by my colleagues, by using C#, Silverlight, WPF and WCF.

Outside of my work life I like to spend my time of course playing video games, my favourite genres being Strategy, RPG, MMO's, racing and any other game that have a very strong storyline that immersive the player within. As well as playing games I like to keep my programming skills up by developing games in my free time.

Besides gaming I like to pursue a fit and healthy life, where attending a gym regularly and eating proper nutrition makes up a big part of that. I also play a lot of pool, squash and golf in terms of sport, while also enjoying watching sports like football and rugby. I am also a big music fan and listen to a variety of music, as well as playing my guitar.