The task for this assignment was to design and implement a modern physics - based remake of the classic arcade game Breakout by Atari. Breakout is one of the iconic games of the arcade era and it consisted of several layers of brick and a ball that travels between the bricks and the player's paddle, while also bouncing off the walls.

The objective of the game was for the player to move their paddle from left to right in order to catch the ball and have it bounce back up to the bricks. Once the ball had collided with a brick it would be destroyed and the player would gain some points.

In order to make the game different from the original and attempt to make it that much challenging, when the player scored enough points (in this case 150, meaning they have made it through five rounds) a larger version of the paddle came into play, which was also a compound object made of boxes and appears to simply be a larger version of the paddle. However, the major difference with this one was that the arms can now move as they were made using Nvidia's joints, motors were then implemented to control them. Limits were added to restrict the motion of the joint actors in the paddle and were given a restriction to be slightly angled up, with a benefit of this being that it makes sure that the paddle's arms don't fall underneath it.

Lastly, Nvidia's cloth simulation was made use of for the games ending. Whether it be through completing the game or the player losing all their lives, a cloth would fall from the top of the game area and cover it up, letting the player know, their time for playing was over.


  • C++

  • Nvidia

  • OpenGL

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