The scenario for this project was that: I was continuing to work as a junior programmer for 'Food-Tech' a small software house that specialises in writing software for restaurants and hotels. They have an on going contract with the restaurant chain Gourmet Burgers to supply software for their branches. Gourmet Burgers has approved the games program based on the design specification that has been presented and would now like to see a coded prototype game based on those specification.

In this project we were able to build any type of game we wanted as long as it was based around the theme of fast food. My idea then was to take a classic arcade game that millions have enjoyed playing over the years and combine that with the theme. This is where ‘Facman’ came from. I changed ‘Pacman’ into a person and had him run around numerous mazes trying to get as many burgers as he could eat. I changed the end game condition slightly, instead of being chased by ghosts and losing lives, I incorporated a countdown timer for each level. The time period would get shorter and shorter as the levels progressed.


  • Visual Basic

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